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Natural Management of Insomnia - By Raising Your Immune System
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Publish-date-icon August 22, 2012
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The best natural management of insomnia deals with the cause of the insomnia, instead of drugging you into oblivion.

Insomnia can be a huge problem, as having your optimum amount of sleep is one of the critical areas to maintaing your good health. However, being drugged doesn't provide you with the refreshing sleep you will get with natural sleep. You often still feel drugged each morning.


And also the drugs do nothing for your liver.

However, you do need your sleep.

The other alternatives are there?

Everything happens like a knock on effect from another thing. Foe example children can become so excited before their birthday or on Christmas Eve, they cannot sleep. New mothers often become such light sleepers, they get into the habit even if. later, there is no need. Others find it hard to sleep in a noisy a part of town, if they are accustomed to country living.

I'm certain you can see the logic in the above causes.

But you will find deeper causes, too. These are the emotional causes. Somebody who has suffered a shock or perhaps a fright might not be able to sleep. And somebody who has not been able to recover from a grief may develop chronic insomnia.

These emotional causes of insomnia create blockages in your immune system, so it can't act as it should.


By far the fastest and most natural management of insomnia is to take away the cause, like the emotional blockage. Then your insomnia evaporates. How much more efficient is that?

Homeopathy is par excellence at raising your defense mechanisms by matching your symptoms to people of the appropriate medicine.

Natrum muriaticum, or Nat mur, is one of the most common homeopathic medicines for insomnia which developed from an unresolved grief. It is by no means the only one. Actually there are thousands. But it is obtainable in every comprehensive home prescribing kit.

The insomnia of Nat mur is when you just can't fall asleep.from thoughts. This holding on to the grief is not the only holding on Nat murs do. Additionally they tend to keep disagreeable past events. It isn't necessarily unforgiving thoughts of the past, as unforgetting.

Because Nat murs can't let go of the past, they tend to be quite introverted. It's a defense mechanism so they won't get hurt again. And it works very well, because it has a tendency to keep people away.

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